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Walking By Faith

School Donations

The George Washington Food and Supply Drive was started by school counselor, Anthony Winters, in 2020 after noticing the deep need in the school and community. The response has been wonderful, and on average, we’re able to provide more than 50 bags of groceries and supplies to families in need each week.

Below are additional details for how community members can support.

When you donate, please drop off donations in any form to the church on the 1st and/or 3rd Sundays.

1. What donations are being accepted?

a. Food: Due to COVID-19, the school is only accepting non-perishable and pantry food items including canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned soup and other canned goods, pasta sauce, noodles, rice, cereal, pop tarts. Also, the school cannot accommodate foods requiring refrigeration.

b. Clothing: Items such as shoes, socks, polo shirts, pants, belts and undergarments are being collected.

No used donations.
i. Shoes (girls and boys) - all sizes from sizes 4 to women 9, and men 10

ii. Socks (girls and boys) – all sizes (children to adult -men and women)

iii. Polo Shirts (girls and boys) – in white, navy blue, yellow

iv. shirt sizes 4 (children) to 18; adult small

v. Pants (girls and boys) – Khaki, Navy blue, Black

vi. sizes 5 (children) to 18; adult size women – 10, 12, 14; adult

vii. men – 28, 29, 30

viii. Belts – Youth to adult size

ix. Underwear (girls and boys) – boy sizes 4 (children/toddler) to XL 16-20; girl sizes 4 to 14, adult women 5 to 7

Personal Hygiene items:

Toothbrush, toothpaste, body lotion and soap.

2. Is money being accepted?

a. Yes, we accept check and money orders made payable to George Washington Carver Elementary School. The school’s address is 2854 West 45th Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32209. If sending a check, please include GWC Food and Clothing Pantry in the memo line. You can also contact Ms. Wilma Allen at 904-405-9257 for further information.

b. These items may be brought to the church on 1stor 3rd Sundays.

3. Who can I contact for more information?

a. Min Wilma Allen – NLCUMC - 904-405-9257

b. You can contact the school at 904-924-3122. c. Principal – Charlene T. James; email –; ext 99901

d. School Counselor – Anthony Winters –; ext 99921

Our goal is to donate twice monthly through June 2021.