Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

What do we believe? We’re glad you asked.

We believe in one living and true God, who has revealed Himself in three ways: as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, born of the virgin Mary, truly God and truly man, who for us and for our salvation came down from heaven. He atoned for the sins of all believers when He died on the cross. Three days later, God raised Him from the dead. Now He lives and reigns with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

We believe because of rebellion against God by Adam, all persons are inclined toward sin and selfishness.

We believe when a person repents of sin and trusts in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, that person is forgiven of sin and receives the gift of eternal life (right relationship with God). The Holy Spirit takes up residence in that person, teaching and equipping him or her to be a disciple of Christ.

We believe the Holy Spirit convinces the world of sin, and leads persons to a response in faith to the gospel. The Holy Spirit is the Christian’s primary teacher, comforter, and source of power.

We believe that the Bible was inspired by God and contains all things necessary for salvation. When read under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Bible is our true rule and guide for faith and practice.

We believe that Jesus will return again in glory and judge the living and the dead. Those who have not accepted Jesus’ offer of forgiveness and new life are at risk of living apart from him for all eternity.

We believe that before we were capable of choosing God, He called and loved us through Prevenient Grace. When we surrender our own will to Jesus Christ, we are “made right” through Justifying Grace. Through Jesus Christ we grow in our desire to become more like him through Sanctifying Grace.

We believe that the baptism of believers signifies repentance and forgiveness of sin, new birth, and the entry into Christian discipleship.

We believe that Holy Communion is a faithful remembrance of the suffering and death of Christ and a celebration of love within the Church.