God created us and is worthy of our worship!

Have you thought about how God may have gifted you for worship?

Consider using your gifts at New Life to give God all the glory that God deserves!


Ushers and Greeters welcome all those who enter the Lord’s house. They have pleasant, welcoming personalities and a desire to help people and maintain order in the house of worship. Perhaps this ministry is for you!


In 2 Chronicles 5:13, God responds to the singers and the instrumentalists just by showing up – everyone is overcome by the presence of God and is blessed. God gifts many with the ability to worship through singing. If God has gifted you with the ability to sing, and you have a heart that loves God, consider becoming a part of this ministry.


The Bible stated that David danced with all His might in praise to the Lord (2 Samuel 6:14)! The tradition of praise dancing goes back to ancient times and is an expression of your gratitude to God. Praise and Worship our Creator through liturgical Dance!


Has God anointed you with musical talent? Perhaps you can use that gift in the New Life praise band. No matter the instrument, you can praise God with your gift!

Media and Sound

New Life creatively uses Sound, digital recording, computer software, and lighting in the worship experience. If you’re interested in learning more about this exciting ministry, contact us.


Jesus came to humankind, ultimately to give his life for our sins. As Christians, we celebrate this gift by remembering him in a sacred time called Holy Communion (1 Cor. 11:24-25). The preparation of the communion elements is a ministry.  Perhaps God is calling You to worship through this ministry.