Pray Without Ceasing

New Life, for the next two weeks, we are focusing on prayer. The list of prayer requests is long: we are praying for our ourselves and our families; interceding for others; praying for political leaders; praying about situations; praying for the health and effectiveness of our church ministry. There are so many people and things to pray for!

In Luke 18:1-8, Jesus teaches us some things about prayer. He starts by telling us a parable about a widow who asks a judge to render to her justice because she has been wronged. Though she receives no response from the judge, the woman continues to ask for her justice. Finally, because she had not ceased bothering him, the judge relents and grants her the justice she has asked for.

Jesus tells us this so that we would continue to pray and not lose heart. God does not always move when we want God to move!

So, don’t give up, don’t lose heart.  God hears your prayers. Hang in there – don’t stop “bothering” God. Keep praying! God knows what you need and will respond to you in God’s perfect time!


Pastor Lamont A. Hogans

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